An Important COVID-19 Message to our Supporters 

To the faithful Supporters of Pioneer Bible Translators – Canada,

As the COVID-19 pandemic dominates the news cycle and impacts our daily lives, we are reaching out to you as a valued partner of Pioneer Bible Translators – Canada.

We are moved with compassion for every person serving on our worldwide team, as are our board, officers, and field leaders. We know that these teammates include family members, friends, or others in whom you have invested heavily.

There’s something you can do immediately. But before I tell you about that, we want to assure you regarding the actions we’re taking while we await the end of this pandemic.

We are closely monitoring the situation in every area where our teammates serve. Some have changed their locations in recent days. Many others have chosen to remain. All are modifying their lives and work efforts to responsibly adjust to the local conditions and situations. Please be assured that we are in regular contact with every person and we will continue to monitor their individual situations.

Our teammates are following the guidance provided by our leadership team. They are also paying close attention to the regulations and advice issued by the embassies of their home countries as well as the local authorities of the countries in which they serve.

We thank God that so far none of our teammates have contracted this virus. We share your concern for their health and safety, and we are grateful that you are praying for them during this difficult time.

Here is something you can do right now. Please make plans to join us and our sister organization Pioneer Bible Translators, in a time of intentional, extreme prayer regarding the challenges facing our teammates, our ministry, and the world in general.

Please ‘Pause to Pray’ every day at 10:00 PM (EDT), 9:00 PM (CDT), 8:00 PM (MDT) or 7:00 PM (PDT), Click below to read and speak aloud the words of extreme prayer needed at this time.

Call to Extreme Prayer

God answers extreme prayer — faithful, persistent, unified group prayer in Jesus’ name — with unlimited power.

 In closing, as the world navigates through these unprecedented times, we want to affirm a few things that are not changing:

  1. Our faith and confidence is in God. He is in control, and we trust in His wisdom and guidance.
  2. Our mission and our calling is to accelerate Bible translation. We serve the local church around the world, helping believers to bring God’s Word to their people groups.
  3. We are surrounded by prayer warriors, like you, who are lifting up Bible translation and the translators on the ground before the Lord on a daily basis.

Thank you for your continued support and concern,

Randy Waddington

Chairman of the Board, Pioneer Bible Translators of Canada.