Are you one to love people through service, organize, pay attention to details, keep things on track, streamline processes, work with different personality types, coordinate details and bring order to chaos?

Administrators are support personnel who empower all of our various other specialists to focus on their ministries that are often located in remote regions and villages far from the governmental and banking centers of a country. Administrative teams set up in large cities or towns and take on many of the needed business activities for the entire team in that country. They often take care of banking and governmental paperwork needs for the group. Often administrators manage the efforts of national workers who work for our teammates in a given country.

Administrators maintain and manage the work of particular elements of the team’s function. Some oversee the support services of a team, others oversee translation production and others oversee our personnel.

Training Requirements

Requirements for positions may vary depending on speciality, location of service, and anticipated length of service. Contact a recruiter to inquire about requirements that may be specific to your ministry.