Community Development

Community Development workers are essential to Bible translation.

Community Development Specialists seek to promote the use of Scripture in two ways:

  • They build the economic capacity among local communities of faith to partner in mission.
  • They soften the hearts of groups resistant to Scripture through concrete expressions of Christ’s love.

In both cases, some of the most under-resourced people in the world are empowered to meet their own physical needs through sustainable projects that help the whole community and grow the church.

Projects could include well digging, animal husbandry, agronomy, micro-finance and health care.


Requirements for positions may vary depending on specialty, location of service, and anticipated length of service. Contact a recruiter to inquire about requirements that may be specific to your ministry.

The plan

Step One

Contact a recruiter


Step Two

Complete the training requirements


Step Three

Serve the Bibleless

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